Born and based in South Africa, our husband-and-wife team combines some of the most extensive experience in the industry you'll find anywhere on the globe with an equal passion for travel and attention to detail that few can offer. Get to know them here a little, and find out why your next wildlife adventure should begin with nobody else.

Rich Lindie
Founder, CEO and Tour Leader

After almost two decades of leading tours to all corners of the globe for other companies, Rich is now putting his extensive experience and knowledge to use under his own name - a move he attributes mostly to a desire to fill a few gaps in the market, as well as a goal to provide some unique offerings in the world of wildlife travel. 

Among these inspirations, offering top-quality custom tours at very competitive rates is a big drive behind Rich's success. To achieve this, Rich combines almost unmatched knowledge of the world's wildlife and their habitats with exceptional skills in logistics to create a superior customized experience, from creating tours based on individual's needs and target lists, to executing trips that equal or supersede anything on offer by well-known larger companies - and all for prices you can't beat! Indeed, Rich freely challenges his prospective clients to find equivalent tours at better prices.

Needless to say, none of this would be possible were it not for the fact that Rich personally leads all expeditions and tours he sets up. This not only reduces the costs involved in any trips, but also ensures the high quality of leadership that's expected at this level of competition. Not to mention experience. With a world list of over 8,000 birds, a well-established career in professional photography, and a long list of successfully run tours in many fields of wildlife and travel, Rich's background elevates him to a level where few leaders can play.

For more on Rich's photography and experience, take a look at our galleries or trip reports, or simply take a look at what the worldwide web has to say, by clicking here.

Kim Lindie
All-in-one Support Team

Behind every good leader, stands an even better partner, they say. This might not always be the case but it certainly is in the Lindie office, where Kim puts extensive experience in travel and communications to maximum use in supporting Rich and her clients in their journeys around the globe. As well as, on occasion, in the field with them!

That's right, Kim does get to enjoy time out of the office, which not only helps fulfill her passion for travel and wildlife-watching, it continues to build her experience in the field, which in turn makes her that much better at working on your tours. This is something pretty rare in the industry, as most office-bound staff have little to no experience in on-the-ground operations, let alone much experience in wildlife-watching on a global scale. Besides, somebody has to keep a check on Rich from time to time.

When not helping clients, in or out of the office, Kim spreads her time between teaching English at the most prestigious high school in South Africa, maintaining her indigenous garden and orchid collection, and much more between. Always active, usually birding, and yet never short of time for others, Kim couldn't be a better fit for the job.




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